Community Consultation Update

Dear Friends,

Last summer we conducted a consultation survey within St Ishmael, to see what you wanted from Calon y Fferi Community Centre and how we might improve what we do. Thanks to all who filled it in and came up with great ideas. We thought it was time to let you know how we are getting on.

So, these are just a few things we are doing in response to your ideas –
Various Activities including – dancing, exercise classes, Welsh conversation group, adult and children’s crafts, meditation sessions. More events will be happening throughout the summer, for example we are hosting Maris’s ‘History of Ferryside’ event, as well as music events. Also, weekly activities for children in the summer holidays are being planned. Look out for them on Facebook, our website, or on the new community board at the entrance to our site – you asked for better advertising so please use it for your community events and check out what we are putting on at Calon.

As well as putting on our own events you wanted us to work more with other local organisations and we are busy doing that too. We are working with partner organisations and supporting them to deliver their activities and events, including Village forum’s table tennis in the hall, the Piping Festival, and the upcoming Men’s Shed ‘building bird boxes and trugs’ session.
Community councillor, Paul Stephens comes along to our trustee board as well as our county councillor Lewis Davies

With help from Lena, we’ve also set up an online calendar of events for all village events at Ferryside.Wales . All your organisation needs to do is subscribe so that all your upcoming events can be on view.
After losing the post office and the café, there was strong demand for both from Ferryside and Llansaint communities. We couldn’t do anything about the post office, even though we tried! Hopefully, CK will support a post office when it opens. However, we’ve supported the re-establishment of a Café in the Centre, run by our tenant, Ashley.

We are always looking for fresh ideas and for volunteers. If you are interested, come along to the centre between Monday- Friday. (Opening hours Monday and Tuesday 10am -3pm. Wednesday to Friday 10am – 4p.m.) or email us at And a big thanks for your interest and support!

Calon y Ferri staff team and FSEG trustees

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